Forest Treasures
  • Forest Treasures is a collection of exquisite homewares and functional art forms handmade in wood and resin by Australian designer Bob Gilmour. An accomplished cook, Gilmour has designed and created an expanding range of stylish functional wares for modern lifestyles. The design ethic is simple - create the best of the best!

    "I really love well-designed curvaceous objects which have a high degree of organic appeal ... designs which evolve like they could have grown on a tree." - Bob Gilmour, designer

    We love to surround ourselves with objects of beauty ... and try to add artful functional designs to our everyday lives. The Forest Treasures collection includes objects of design distinction for many rooms in the home.

    For the kitchen, there are cooking utensils including stirrers, spatulas, spoons and beautiful accessories such as utensil rests and storage holders. There are also handmade muddlers for the bar and kitchen.

    Moving to the dining room, there is a range of elegant and functional salad servers designed to work in small through to extra large bowls as well as on modern salad platters. And, of course, a number of sensational bowls, dishes and platters in wood and resin are available on a one-off or limited run basis.

    For other rooms in the home, Forest Treasures has resin soap dishes and small bowls for the bathroom as well as dishes and forms which can live at the bedside, or on a dresser.

    "Objects we use in everyday life should be nice, or at least, well-designed ... otherwise the world gets mediocre ... I like to have nice things around me, even in the simplest forms. I got tired of using cheap kitchen utensils which were badly designed and made of inadequate materials, so I began making my own ... to suit my own needs and style of cooking ... based on intuitive designs. The decision to begin selling them was an organic progression and Forest Treasures was born." - Bob Gilmour, designer

    The Forest Treasures collection is created in wood and resin materials. Much of the wood is purchased from environmentally friendly reserves including re-use of building materials, re-claim of discarded furniture, salvage of fallen trees and property clearing fellings. Some of the wood is also obtained as commercial timber and much of this originates from sustainably managed forestry.

    The use of modern synthetic resins in homewares design allows introduction of vibrant colours and forms not attainable with natural products. It also allows the creation of short-run objects which are then post-finished to personalise each item.

    Forest Treasures was established in 2001 and has achieved the support of customers all around the world. World-wide shipping is available and payment sources include credit card, PayPal and direct bank debit (the latter, for Australian customers).

    "I'm not driven at all by the concept of what things sell or do not sell ... my sole intention is to create objects, both functional and some purely artful, which are curvaceous and organic ... and beautiful. I am only interested in creating my best work." - Bob Gilmour, designer