Hair Stick
  • Hair Stick
Material Details

Free-form organically shaped hair sticks handmade by Australian artisan and designer Bob Gilmour.

Some years ago a friend who had travelled extensively, presented me with a wooden hair stick of south-east Asian origin. It was intricately carved and beautiful. And, whilst I give full credit to the ability of the unknown craftsmen who created it, the form decoration was way too complex for my own liking.

So, I decided to take the simple concept of a stick which is used to hold a mass of hair together and apply my process of simple organic design to it. - Bob Gilmour: designer

Bob Gilmour's design interests in form reflect simple organic shape and flowing curvaceous lines. That design ethic is translated to both artistic and functional items.

This hair stick design features a short slightly curved stick with a simple shield-shape at its top. The top shape creates a nice visible canvas upon which to show the beauty and feature of the chosen wood.

Size: 20cm (7.9") x 2cm (0.8") x 1cm (0.4")