Large Salad Servers
  • Large Salad Servers
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On a hot summer's evening there is nothing better than a big bowl of salad, overflowing with colours and flavour. And, that big bowl of salad needs a great pair of salad servers.

The range of large servers designed and made by Bob Gilmour for Forest Treasures offer large capacity serving and tossing with a funky modern design. They are available in either two or three pronged configurations and can be either left or right handed.

The large salad servers are quite long in the handle. They are best suited for large salad bowls of 400mm (16") diameter and over, although they are so well balanced that they will work fine in medium size bowls as well. Large salad servers are great for serving the guests at arms length ... or simply making a beautiful statement on the table.

What's more, these large salad servers are just so attractive and sexy, they'll always be the center of attention at any dinner party.

Size: 40cm (15.7") x 7cm (2.8") x 2cm (0.8")