Muddler Caipirinha
  • Muddler Caipirinha
Material Details

This is the smallest muddler in the Forest Treasures range of cocktail bar and kitchen muddlers. However, it's importance and capability is in no way diminished by it's smaller size.

Muddler Caipirinha is absolutely perfect for muddling Caipirinhas and Caprioskas ... cocktails traditionally presented in short glasses. It is also the right choice for Old Fashioned's. You can use this muddler in short and medium glasses measuring up to about 15 cm (6") in height.

"I designed this muddler for a gourmet lifestyle retailer in the USA who wished to add a small muddler to their range specifically for muddling Old Fashioned's ... a cocktail they were promoting at the time. For me, I thought it was a great addition to my Forest Treasures range as a Caipirinha muddler and, importantly, as a really capable kitchen tool ... making short work of pounding garlic and various spices on a board or right in the pan." - Bob Gilmour: designer

In the kitchen, you can use this muddler for breaking food items straight in the pan or wok for fusion-style east-west dishes ... then, go ahead and use it as a stirrer. You can grind up spices on your cutting board or straight on the bench top ... perfect for breaking up garlic or reducing it to paste if you wish.

Muddler Caipirinha is ergonomically comfortable to use and is very strong. It's double sealed, and pretty much maintenance-free.

Size: 23cm (9.1") x 4cm (1.6") x 4cm (1.6")