Muddler Longhorn
  • Muddler Longhorn
Material Details

Longhorn is the Show Pony of the range. This muddler is a serious show-off candidate.

At over 420mm (16 inches) in length, Muddler Longhorn is a big muddler. It has a long shaft and handle, but is also full-bodied down at the business end, thick in diameter slimming gradually into the handle.

Muddler Longhorn is really best used in a cocktail shaker or jug, with plenty of handle protruding for good grip and enhanced 'showmanship' by the bar-person.

Muddler Longhorn is quite flat across the base, making it very useful for pressing 'difficult to muddle' fruits. The flat base also makes muddler Longhorn a great muddler for use in the kitchen.

Used on a board, Longhorn makes short work of pasting garlic cloves or crushing spices. Muddler Longhorn will reduce cummin seed to powder in no time at all, or will create pesto from chopped basil.

On top of it's great functionality, Longhorn is also beautiful. Reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi's "Bird in Space" impressionist sculptures, Longhorn is functional art.

Muddler Longhorn is seriously desireable.

Size: 43cm (16.9") x 5cm (2.0") x 5cm (2.0")