Muddler Mojito
  • Muddler Mojito
Material Details

The Muddler Mojito is an all-round performer of moderate size with elegant lines and exuding sculptural beauty.

The size is appropriate for use in a cocktail shaker as well as fitting neatly into any glass. Furthermore, the Muddler Mojito is by far the best choice for use in the kitchen as a crushing tool. This muddler is perfectly balanced and can be gripped by the shaft or held by the knob of the handle.

The Muddler Mojito is heavy enough to feel very substantial, yet can be left standing in most glasses without fear of toppling over. This is a beautiful implement with sensuous lines that will be most welcome in any cocktail bar or household.

Size: 34cm (13.4") x 4cm (1.6") x 4cm (1.6")