Shipping Info
  • Purchasing a hand-made product is a special experience ... the desire for an object which is a little different ... which feels like it was made just for you ... and functions like it was exactly what you've always wanted. There is an expectation of receiving something that is special ... and that is exactly what you will get with any of the fine products and works from the Forest Treasures collection.

    We try to go a little bit further. We know how special it is to receive something really nice in the post, so a fair bit of effort goes into packing and preparing your purchase for shipping ... using a hand-made packaging system that creates stylish presentation but with eco-consideration.

    For normal homewares purchases, your objects will be wrapped in brown paper which has been made from recycled paper products. It will then be bubble-wrapped. The paper layer is to ensure that there is no possibility of the plastic bubble causing any finish printing on your purchase.

    Your items are then collated together into the most volume efficient configuration. A custom-made box is cut and hand-folded from recycled grocery boxes sourced from local supermarkets. The box is made 'inside out' so the exterior of your packaging will be nice clean unprinted cardboard.

    There will be a range of cards and information-slips included as appropriate to your purchase and opening instructions printed on the box if it is a complicated packing job (large display bowls and sculpture etc).

    We know that the postal system is an industrial process ... so your special purchase will come packed to endure any bumps it may encounter on the way to your place.

    Drop-shipping of purchases to a third party is available also. If you'd like to send someone else a gift, by all means do so. Our whole transaction process is manual and hands-on. There will be plenty of communication options in which to arrange for sender messages or instructions to be included in the package. We will always strive to accommodate your special requirements if you wish to share our products with your friends.

    Forest Treasures uses Australia Post for all shipping within Australia and international destinations. Australia Post is very reliable, timely and reasonably priced. We've used this service since Forest Treasures first kicked off in 2001 and have never had any shipping-related problems or concern.

    The shipping module of the Forest Treasures store website interacts directly with Australia Post's API so the checkout shipping charge is the actual postage as provided by Australia Post. No handling surcharge is imposed on normal store items.

    Both regular and express services are available for deliveries within Australia and overseas buyers can choose between Standard Air Mail, Express International Air Mail or International Air Courier. Insurance is available to most destinations and basic tracking is available free for domestic Australian parcels and for a small extra charge on overseas shipments.

    Thank-you were choosing to purchase from Forest Treasures. We'll do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction when you get that box in the mail.