Spade Salad Servers
  • Spade Salad Servers
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For those lazy afternoons, when lunch goes on 'till midnight, salads are just the best thing to go with practically everything. Everyone wants healthy foods ... and you can't get much healthier than fresh salad. Whether it's a garden salad of greens and reds or a warm seaweed salad ... or even a spicy salsa salad filled with reds and yellows ... pasta and rice spreads or warm vegetables and meats ... salad is all about taste and presentation.

"I get asked a lot for 'Salad Hands', 'Salad Claws', 'Bear Claws" ... all kinds of really short salad serving gadgets. Well, I'd just always prefer to put my own spin on an idea ... and I'm not too keen on getting my hands right down in the salad that's going to be eaten by my guests."

"So, these short spade shaped servers are my offering to requests for really short serving implements. They let you hold the blade close to the business end, but still have handles which are very important when serving ... so, you don't have to get your hands dirty ... or into someone else's food." - Bob Gilmour: designer.

These spade servers are extremely functional. At only 28cm (11 inch) in length, they will work in every size salad bowl imaginable as well as shallower salad platters and serving dishes. Some people consider that biggest isn't always best and that ... when it comes to salad servers, at least ... shorter, wider is better.

These Forest Treasures Spade servers tick all the boxes for function and design ... and look and feel great as well. They will be the perfect complement to your sumptuous salad spread ... and, won't take up too much room on the table.

Size: 28cm (11.0") x 9cm (3.5") x 2cm (0.8")