Traditional Spatula
  • Traditional Spatula
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Visitors to my market stall in Port Douglas will know this utensil as "Bev" ... a curvaceous yet stylish workhorse who is just as much at home in the most traditional of kitchens ... or the most modern.

"Several years ago, a friend named Bev approached me with a pretty tattered looking old wooden stirrer and asked if I could make her something similar. Turns out, she had owned it for 25 years and had brought it with her to Australia from New Zealand when she emmigrated. Yes, I agreed, it was certainly time for an upgrade. Bev's utensil was rounded like a traditional spatula, but had a horrible flat handle ... I can't imagine it would have been comfortable at all to use. I created a stirrer that showed similar fullness and roundness in the business end, but added a curvaceous comfortable handle ... and named it "Bev" in honour of Bev." - Bob Gilmour: designer.

This Traditional Spatula is one of my most popular utensils. It appeals to people with all styles of cooking but is really best as a mixer or caserole stirrer. It is one of the heavier-bodied implements that I make, so you can apply a fair bit of force with this utensil.

Size: 28cm (11.0") x 2cm (0.8") x 6cm (2.4")